Nothing Happens by Chance

It is not by chance someone receives this CD, as God desires to restore a relationship with each member
of mankind that has been broken by sin. The 12-minute message tells the listeners how they can come into the
 good of being reconciled to God. It is not through anything of their own merit or achievement, but through the
finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Featuring a message written and presented by Bill MacDonald, this CD
 is great to give away in mass distribution settings. The gospel presentation is clear and easy to understand.

The World's Biggest Lie

What is the world’s biggest lie? The idea that after we die, God weighs our good works against our bad to see if we
can enter heaven. Millions believe it, but in just twelve minutes William MacDonald shows how this belief is totally false.
He shares the gospel by setting the truth of Scripture in contrast to the lie. This CD, although short, is accurate
and precise in it’s presentation of the gospel against this false message. 

Highway to Heaven

Most of us don't ask the question very often, but sometimes it sneaks into our minds, perhaps at the funeral of a friend,
or when someone we love has been diagnosed with cancer. Is there really something beyond this life? Is there a highway
from earth to Heaven? And, if so, how can we know the way? This CD offers clear, sure direction from God's
Word for the pathway to Heaven in a 30 minute message by Jabe Nicholson.

Hope in the Storms of Life

No one has the perfect life. Everyone experiences problems, difficulties, trials and storms. When these situations occur
where do people turn? In a 30 minute gospel presentation, J. B. Nicholson tells listeners how the Lord Jesus Christ
provides shelter from the storm. Life is brought into focus when the storm hits, leading the sinner closer to God.
This CD is appropriate for anyone, since so many people struggle in ways we never realize. It meets the listener
right where they are and tells them of the Hope they can really trust in.

The Perfect Gift

“The Perfect Gift” is a new CD with a 30-minute message by Jabe Nicholson. The talk asks, then answers the question:
what would the perfect gift be? It includes a description of the five things everybody wants and explains how this gift can
be received. The package looks like a gift decorated with a bow, but “Christmas colors” have not been used
 (nor does the message link it with the season) so it is suitable year-round

The Uniqueness of Christianity

A common misconception among people today is that all religions are basically the same. J.B. Nicholson takes this
supposition and shows how Christianity stands apart from the crowd. In four points he presents how it is a truly unique message,
 and can be taken at face value and believed.

This CD is an apologetic approach to defending Christianity, and has a clear gospel
message throughout. It is a great resource for those who are trusting in their religion, or who are
looking for answers on an apologetics level. It has been found to be a useful tool to share with people during follow
up work who have shown some interest in spiritual things

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